CGI-Contest 2010

steinzeit CGI-Contest 2010

The waiting is – over!

The steinzeit CGI-Contest 2010 attracted many more participants than we would have expected. This reflects the growing community of CGI artists as well as newcomers interested in photo-realistic 3D production. We would like to say thank you for the time and passion you spent creating the wonderful entries. Really great work!
Ladies and gentlemen, we have the pleasure to announce the results of the steinzeit CGI Contest 2010. Give a big hand for the winners!

The winner is: Tobias Kenner – Wurzel Medien GmbH with the "Napshell"

We received some very convincing CGIs and the jury panel had a hard time rewarding the 3 most convincing motives. However they come to a result:

1st "Napshell"
Jury statement: "Very successful integration of the model into the scene as well as an impressive interaction between these two." "Great attention to detail." "A welcome change to other 3D objects."

2nd "MINI"
Jury statement: "Excellent and very professional realization."

3rd "Carrera-Bahn"
Jury statement: "Creative idea with a convincing integration into the scene."

honourable mention "Motubaik"
Jury statement: "Very creative modelling that elicits a smile."

In the end we are pleased to say, it was a very successful contest. We are looking forward to repeating this event in 2011. So stay tuned!
Your steinzeit-HDR team

steinzeit CGI-Contest 2010 – Top 10

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1st place

Winner steinzeit CGI-Contest 2010: Tobias Kenner – Wurzel Medien GmbH - "Napshell"

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2nd place

2nd place steinzeit CGI-Contest 2010: Robert Laub – Eder GmbH – vSHOT "MINI"

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3rd place

3rd place steinzeit CGI-Contest 2010: Markus von Lücken – – "Carrera"

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4th to 10th place

Further ranking:

Photo ThumbCohan Weggs
Photo ThumbMeinolf Düker
Photo ThumbGregory Peruski
Photo ThumbGeri Allen
Photo ThumbArthur L. Prather
Photo ThumbAlessandro Michelazzi
Photo ThumbChristian Elvezio Ploj
further entries

Further entries in alphabetical order:

Photo ThumbRobert Allavena
Photo ThumbSükrü Cengil
Photo ThumbOnur Dursun
Photo ThumbSteven Ebsworth
Photo ThumbEsteban Fraia
Photo ThumbEinar Hoenel
Photo ThumbDetlef Lemme
Photo ThumbIvan Nikolic
Photo ThumbMaurice Panisch
Photo ThumbErik Schakel
Photo ThumbKirill Taurus
Photo ThumbDirk Thiemann
Photo ThumbZsolt Valent

1st prize: Full day custom HDR-shooting with Peggy Stein*

2nd prize: Full HDR-package including backplates with exclusive rights of use without limitations regarding the time, the content or the area of use for commercial use**

3rd prize: Full HDR-package including backplates with non-exclusive rights of use without limitations regarding the time, the content or the area of use for commercial use***

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the jury

All submitted entries will be reviewed and judged by an expert jury panel. The 3 most convincing motives will be rewarded. Furthermore the best results will be published on
Take the challenge and demonstrate your skills and creativity!

Members of the jury panel are:

Peggy Stein (owner of steinzeit-mediendesign, degreed designer and photgrapher with years of experience in the field of 360°- und HDR-photography)

Klaus Busse (self-employed software developer, specialist in 3D-workflow, Beta-Tester for multiple 3D-Software companies, specialist for rendering engines and material rendering)

Matthias Langner (owner of Photo4D, expert in CGI, professional know-how and consulting in the field of CGI hard- and software-solutions)

Reinhard Burg (still-photographer with specialization in architecture, interior, technical products)

Members of the panel can be replaced by other qualified persons on short notice in case of personal incapability.

copyright & image protection rights

Each participant confirms by his registration, that he is the sole creator of the results submitted for the competition, that he may freely enact over the results and the rights of use thereof and that the pictures are exempt of the rights of third parties. Participants are also responsible for ensuring that persons depicted or the holder of the rights of the represented works of fine or applied arts, and the authors of images, from which the competition entries have been created by an adaptation or transformation, have given the consent to disclosure and utilization - including journalistic utilization of this competition - in a verifiable manner. Participants are liable for all losses incurred by Peggy Stein, steinzeit-mediendesign, caused by the fact that third-party rights are violated. In the event that the use of the images submitted in accordance with these terms and conditions violates the rights of third parties, the participant will exempt Peggy Stein, steinzeit-mediendesign, from all actions and claims raised against her. This also includes the costs incurred by Peggy Stein, steinzeit-mediendesign, by the defence of such actions and claims.

Rights of use

By submitting the results the participants are granted the non-exclusive right of use for the corresponding HDR-package without limitations regarding the time, as well as the place. The type of use is limited to self-advertisement. The transfer of the HDR data packets to third parties or any commercial use is prohibited.

All submitted works may be used for the competition and its journalistic utilization. Peggy Stein, steinzeit-mediendesign, has, in particular, the right to issue the results selected by the jury for that purpose as well as to publish them in newspapers, magazines and other publications - but only in the context of the competition and its journalistic utilization and with naming the copyright holder. For this use, the participants are not entitled to usage fee claims.

Return Consignment

Only digital submissions will be considered. A return consignment of digital data is not necessaray. Data medium submitted for this contest will not be returned.


Any liability is excluded. By submitting the results, the participant agrees to the above terms and conditions.

Inquiries and notices should be directed to